Our Vision

To effectively facilitate access to higher education at all levels at international destinations.

Our Mission

To assist prospective students access higher education at universities with suitable study programs, and to connect students to available internship opportunities to acquire the requisite knowledge, and skills in a globally and culturally diverse world.

Our Concern

Selecting appropriate universities that offer your dream course could be very complicated. The wrong choice can ruin your career, waste your time and money.

Why choose Pace-Up?

  • We have internationally trained and certified counselors
  • We have a world-wide network of Educators and Service providers
  • We deliver highly professional services to our clients
  • We give you value for your money
  • There is always a possibility

Our Target

  • Junior and Senior High students interested in High School placement
  • High school leavers interested in university preparatory programs
  • High school leavers interested in post-secondary programs
  • Bachelor degree holders interested in Master’s degree programs
  • Master’s degree holders interested in PhD programs
  • High School and University students interested in Summer school programs
  • University students interested in internship programs
  • Part time/Full time workers interested in higher education (on campus/online)